May 18, 2005

More ICFF Cribspotting

Listen here, Sonny. You don't know how easy you got it, with your International Contemporary Furniture Fair sporting as many as "seven or eight" new choices for high quality, modern design baby furniture.

Ducduc? Miguel? Galeano-Poggi? Why, when I was shopping for my first crib, back in aught-three and early aught-four, all we had was the Netto Collection, and we were damn happy about it. [Not so happy that we actually bought the white lacquer stuff, mind you; it still seems just a little too decorator-y for me, but that's not the point.]

Oeuf? Orfi? Nurseryworks? Bah, they were just twinkles in their founders' eyes then. If it weren't for us pioneers, complaining loudly in public about the shortage of modernist baby gear, do you think there'd even be a ducduc Austin crib, with its upholsterable ends and overall lighter feel than the modular casework ones yesterday?

Or an Argentine Babybox, that expands and transforms like a giant MDF dishrack as your kid grows? [Yeah, I wonder about the mattress, too. Let's come back to it.]


Or a Miguel chrome and white quilted leather crib with--What the hell? OK, enough with this old man schtick. Can someone tell me what kind of pimp rolls on a crib like that? Because that's the kind of pimp I want to be. Day-um.

Galeano-Poggi Babybox [, via]
Miguel Cribs [, should be called, also via aptther and mark from sparkability]
ducduc austin crib [design*sponge, and someday at]

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And I thought I timed our child perfectly to the modern baby design revolution. If I had only been able to stave off the bedroom antics for six months more, I too could have a ducduc crib.

Seriously nice stuff.

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