May 17, 2005

From The Dungeon Master's Guide To Good Parenting

At Defective Yeti, Matthew writes about a Positive Discipline Association seminar he and his wife attended in Seattle. There was something about roleplaying puppets, something about praise, and then an exercise to determine where on a bi-axial grid (x=Kindness, y=Order) your own parenting ethic lies. Says Matthew:

This really resonated with me. I like the idea that picking a parenting style is essentially the same as picking your character's alignment in Dungeons and Dragons.
Wait till your chaotic evil father comes home []
their speaker from the Positive Discipline Association [PDA. heh. Kinda culty-lookin' website, yo.]
Or buy Positive Discipline, the book [, but no more culty than Dale Carnegie, I guess. plus, it comes with 994 more habits]

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