May 16, 2005

Scion xB: The 'B' is for baby

From this review, the Scion xB sounds so perfectly suited for hauling around a baby and his gear, I wonder if new parents--not just new freshmen--aren't Toyota's secret target market:

One of our editors, who used the xB to take his wife and baby on a road trip, confirmed this. After stuffing baby gear, luggage for two adults and a "baby bouncer" in the cargo area, he used the rear-seat footwells to store more luggage and still had enough room for his wife to jump in the back to attend to the baby. He just felt weird about packing baby stuff in such a hip-looking vehicle.
And then, what if the name Scion was a stealth shoutout to Jay and Silent Bob fans, who'd be all calling their kids Scions 'n stuff because of the movie. [Dogma, aka the last good Ben Affleck movie I can think of]

2005 Scion xB road test []
Shout out to xB Owners with children [ messageboards, via Sarah's comment below


If this car is considered "hip-looking", then I am officially old.

I don't get these kids today...

Ugh. Yeah, these things have got loads of interior space working for them, but we scratched it off our list after we discovered there are absolutely no cupholders in the back anywhere. Not to mention the fact that the instruments are located in the middle of the dash, so you have to take your eyes off of what's straight ahead to see how fast you're going.

from the photo caption on edmunds:
"If it's too boxy, you're too old."

I dunno.. doesn't look like the kind of car Jesus would drive. ;)

Room for all those chisels and lathes, not to mention I couldn't picture JC driving a 97 econoline with blacked out windows....too pimp for him. I say get your bobblehead JC and proudly display it on the dash of your xB. Go Jesus....

Didn't this car just get removed from the "recommended list" by the Insurance Safety people? [hm. can't find it. link? -ed.]

You can't buy these in Canada. Ok, you can, but they are not imported directly here, they are brought in the from the States.

And....the information says something about this car is the same as the you know how? Becuase that frightens me....

Just yesterday we had a talk about getting the xB when we have to get a new car based on this forum thread from the scionlife site with super-detailed info on kids and the xB:

I don't *love* it, but I like it, and we need carseat room and cargo space, and the options are mostly....ugh. So thanks for the extra info!

"If it's too boxy, you're too old."

I'm only 24 though!!

We had the same idea and got the honda element. The car looks basically like the scion but is a little bigger. The rear seats are spaced like a london cab so that you can get into the backseat as you strap the kids in. Also, the seats and floors are all made of plastic/rubber and can be easily washed out - perfect for those little accidents!

It's aimed at twentysomething snow boarders but we thirtysomething parents thought it was just what we needed for a kid-hauler.


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