May 9, 2005

The APT - 419 W 13th St, Meatpacking District - CLOSE ENOUGH

But there are sofas and dark nooks everywhere. Just watch the smell now that everywhere is no smoking (and why would be taking your infant to a smoke-filled bar anyway, right? RIGHT? heh)


Hahaha, Greg...if there WERE a changing table at APT, I'd assume it was actually only there so patrons could snort lines off it. Is this a new segment of daddytypes? Clubs and lounges with changing tables? If so, let me be the first to say that Lotus, Marquee and NA also do not have changing tables. there are no changing tables at APT. However, you overlooked the chalkboard walls (with chalk generously provided by the club) in the restroom downstairs. That little touch provides hours of fun for kids of all ages!!

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