May 6, 2005

NEWS FLASH : Strollers Are Sometimes $tatus $ymbols

This just in from USA Today, the paper business travelers wake up to every morning outside their Hyatt room doors: "status" is a great gift idea for the "upwardly mobile mom."

You could buy her a pricey stroller, for example. One option is from that hit TV show everyone's talking about, Sex and the City. It's called the Bugaboo (pronounced BUG-uh-Boo, like the mountains). It's $729 and available from fine outfits like babystyle.

Another option is the Stokke "(sounds like polka)" Xplory, which is "'totally adjustable,'" and costs $749.

The third option--because you need three products to get a story like this approved--is called the Silver Cross Balmoral. It is never actually sold, only given to celebrity moms who are then namechecked in the article. If one ever were to be sold, it would be $2,800.

Parents wheel babies around in $$!! status symbols [usat, via DT reader John Myers' publicist, since he's mentioned in the article.]


When we were researching strollers last year, we kept coming across articles claiming that the next big thing would be self-propelling strollers... Fortunately, laziness has not prevailed as I certainly haven't seen any about. But then again, maybe my stroller isn't cool enough to hang out with the right crowds.

Like that ridiculous machine that Walks for you. I see them all over Washington dc.

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