May 5, 2005

Lucy Sykes Baby: Clothes "for mini-me and mini-he"

Talk about ye random brand extensions. My old Hamptons possemate Euan Rellie has had a baby named after him, a sitcom named after him, and now, a jacket named after him. The first and last are thanks to his wife, Lucy Sykes, who recently launched her own line of high-quality, low-bling-factor children's clothing because, as she told Gawker operatives the other day at a collection preview, she was "not seeing the mini-me, mini-he thing in the market."

The clothes actually rock, and she's getting mad publicity for them, but I have to say, while Euan IS a snappy dresser, I don't remember him ever having a madras jacket. I, on the other hand, LOST my madras jacket. In Southampton in '96. Around the time Euan was crashing at our sharehouse. And right about the time my copy of The Preppy Handbook went missing, too. Odd, that.

Euan [sic] Madras Jacket, $110 at Lucy Sykes Baby []
Gawker goes a gawkin'--and a playa hatin'--at a LSB press breakfast []n'

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Thank you for this post. I'm laughing through a contraction right now.

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