May 3, 2005

That's One Ugly Child In The NYT

You already read about how parents pay less attention to their ugly kids, so the NY Times article won't be totally new (although it does have some previously unreported details of the study). I just thought the ugly kid in the accompanying illustration deserved some attention.

The artist is Elwood H. Smith, and he does animation and children's books, including the well-reviewed The Truth About Poop.

Ugly Children May Get Parental Short Shrift [nyt]
The Elwood H. Smith Website []
previously: Did you say something, ugly? I guess I wasn't paying attention

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Thanks for posting my website on the Weblog for Dads. For the record, I'm NOT a she (as in your note that "...she does animation") and I am NOT a genuine dad, but I AM a stepdad and I AM creating animation these days.

Best Wishes,
-Mr. Elwood

[thanks for stopping by, and apologies. I remember picking up the 'she' from some other site; I'd originally pegged you for a dude. And stepdad's plenty dad enough for this place; make yourself at home. -ed.]

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