May 2, 2005

Celebrity Baby Blog T-Shirts

celeb_baby_bugaboo_shirt.jpgLooks like blog t-shirts are this year's must-have accessory. Like Ugg boots and messenger bags. And babies, too, I guess. Because Danielle at Celebrity Baby Blog just launched a new line of t-shirts for babies and moms.

Just moms? I bet a dad-sized t-shirt saying "My other stroller is a Bugaboo" would be the ideal $15 solution to the guy who didn't want to shell out the full $729 for the stroller.

And while I can totally understand why a woman would want the "Jude Law is my baby's daddy" shirt, I can't imagine her actual baby daddy's gonna be too thrilled. Even more problematic if the kid comes out actually looking like Jude Law.

Not out yet: a "Kevin Federline is my baby's daddy, too" shirt.* Or the "Brad, I'll have your baby!" shirt.**

* Yeah, Daddy Types is an Official Britney-Fetus-Free Zone, I know. But ya gotta give me one Federline bit now and then.
** A reference to Brad Pitt. See, Brad and Jennifer Aniston broke up because she wanted to focus on her career, but Brad just really--umm, I'm gonna stop right here.

Celebrity Baby Blog T-shirts, $15 plus s&h []

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Actually, the brad tshirt exists. [Yow, no kidding. If you can manage to steer your eyes to the text. -ed.]

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