April 29, 2005

Red State Parenting: Umm, Conflicted?

These two stories ran side by side in the print version of my hometown paper, the Raleigh News & Observer this morning [reg. req.]:

  • According to the expert opinion--purely academic, you understand--of the 54-year old professor who examined the evidence very carefully, moms can be "hot." Especially when they're 24-year old college students posing for Playboy ("the May issue, page 128.")
  • Meanwhile, "Too many men bumble into fatherhood, ill-prepared." Fortunately, the Kings Park International Church is holding a 2-day seminar "to teach dads the basics." Including, presumably, how to talk to your kids about your Playboy photoshoot.

    Seminar to teach Dad basics [newsobserver.com]
    'Hot' and 'Mom' go together [newsobserver.com]


    Well, according to the second article, we bumble into fatherhood because "men often have difficulty discussing their fears and struggles among one another."

    Must be a "red state" problem...

    "Hot moms are in again"? At some point they were out?

    I grew up in Raleigh, and personally am not surprised by this "dual" thinking. Women will probably always be viewed as "hot or not" even when they are mothers. And as far as the dads need training - disgusting but probably true too for many dads here :(

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