April 27, 2005

HOWTO: Perform an Epidural (in Turkish)

Or Czech?

Huh. I just realized that I have "pregnancy" and "newborn" categories, but no "delivery." What does that mean?

I dunno, but it's probably easier to figure out what's happening in this illustrated primer on epidurals from a Turkish university anesthesiology journal.

I already know at least one step: the proper response if the patient asks, "Does this procedure make my butt look fat?"

[NSFW] Epidural Blok [cucurova universitesi, via cockeyed.com]


As a father to be (due date: July 4), I found this link very interesting, nothwithstanding the fact that it is in Czech. For example, as Figure 3 indicates, I now know that they are able to tell when the pain is great enough to warrant an epidural when my wife sits up and tells the doctor she is willing to (ahem) please him orally if he'll just give her the drugs.

So...from the previous comment, I'm going to follow my first hunch and guess that this link isn't work safe?

1) re the first comment, I'm relieved my wife's epidural was covered by our insurance.

2)well, now that you mention it, the page is probably safe if you work in a hospital...

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