April 22, 2005

me too! Portable Chair [Recyclable, Too!]

me_too_chair.jpgOne more Earth Day-themed post just fell in my lap. A few weeks ago, an architect friend told us about the me too! Portable Chair, which they loved. It turns out to be the most expensive of the three brackets-on-the-table-edge style portable chairs we considered, but it was the best-designed with the least materials. Very form follows function.

The me too! is contructed like a piece of climbing equipment, with a trim, lightweight nylon seat and milled aluminum hardware. The hefty, square brackets look awesome but heavy; if they were smaller, this thing would weigh nothing at all. [Of course, the clamps that support your firstborn child are the one place you probably don't want to start compromising on, so I'll deal with it. They're still much better than the competition.]

So what's the Earth Day hook, you ask? The me too! folks have kids, too, and they want "to make sure the world we leave them is as good or better than the one we inherited. So when your last child has outgrown the me too! seat, just send it back and we'll recycle the aluminum." Of course, if you recycle it on ebay, you'll have more to leave for your own kid's inheritance, too.

[FYI, the Chicco Caddy was next best on the list. The other one--the vinylly Travel Lite from Graco--belongs in a landfill. And your kid'll thank you.

me too! Portable Chair company site
Buy the me too! chair for $49.95 in black, red, or blue [Baby Outfitters]


Looks good, but I wonder is it furniture (i.e. table)-friendly?

who cares? You'll be long gone from the restaurant before they notice the gashes on the table.

I kid. Actually, the inside of those aluminum brackets are lined with dense, non-slip foam.

What about the Inglesina fast table? Did you check that one out? Any thoughts?

One last question--does it accomodate tables with skirts (the overhang bit underneath the surface that some tbales have).

We bought the chicco intending to forego a highchair (1) for lack of space 2) they're big and ugly) and just hang Dude off our granite island. Unfortunately the overhang isn't deep enough for the chair leaving him sort of far from the counter and able to drop things down to the dog. We have had to settle for strapping him into a booster on the high-backed stool. The dog gets 60% of his food anyway.

We bought the "me too!" but it doesn't fit on our concrete counter top. Has anyone tried to re-fit the "me too!" with a longer bolt with any luck? Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?

I wrote to the manufacturer a few days ago but have yet to hear back.

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