April 22, 2005

Afraid of Packing Tape? Go Figure

Huh. Yesterday when my wife showed the kid a tape measure, the retracting noise freaked her out. Then this morning, as I was packing up a box, the tape dispenser sound elicited the same reaction: a bit of startled hand waving, and some scared crying. Who'da thought?

[update: the list is growing. She's also afraid of the bathroom door at the restaurant, a floaty frog for the tub, the faucet...

We've tried to switch her from a bottle to a cup at lunch this week, with no success. I wonder if this sudden edginess is related. After all, I know I'm a mess when I don't get my bottle (of Diet Coke).]

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My son is afraid of a plastic goldfish his sister used to play with in the tub and gave to him, thinking he'd like it. He shudders when he sees it, and then starts with the scared crying. Babies are all weird, it's not just yours.

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