April 20, 2005

I'm Sorry Figurine

Item Number: 114011

This figurine is of a boy waving a white flag. The words "I'm sorry" are two of the most difficult words to say. Let this figurine speak for you. This piece stands 4.5 inches tall.

Price: $30.00

Meanwhile, let's all* take a moment--a Precious Moment, if you will--to reflect on what brings us all to this site in the first place: new dad-hood.

Blessed With A Miracle Figurine (Item Number: 120110, $55.00) or Adopting A Life Of Love Figurine (Item Number: 108527, $50.00**)

* offer not valid for non-white, non-straight, or non-blondes. Void in MA, NY, and parts of CA, if you know what I mean.
** for $5.00 for blonde adoptee figurine***
*** OK, so I'm weak. But seriously, I do want to visit the Precious Moments chapel someday. It's practically like the Sistine Chapel, but all in Precious Moments. Road trip!


These lovely statuettes put me in mind of that set of Corning Visions cookware I used to have (you remember the ones; the clear amber, allegedly "non- stick" pans that even boiling water stuck to).

We used them for skeet shooting. (Howabout that for some East-coast gun-totiní values here). Pre-child of course, JJ Daddy would yell ìPULLî and Iíd fling a pot lid into the air. Blammo.

When I gaze upon these figurines, my trigger finger starts to itch.

AAAAAACK! My eyes! I'm bleeding from my eyes!!

Please never post such vulgarities ever, ever again.

When I gaze upon these figurines, my trigger finger starts to itch.

Sounds like common ground to me! Group hug!

Arrgh! Too much. I have been visiting here for some time now and I've been pretty tolerant of all the stuff you post here, but those things! No. Enough. No child of mine will ever hold a PM object.

Group hug? Sounds like an excuse for an additional trip to the range this week. First box of .45 is on me!

- Nick

Its like a church dedicated to three fingered, mouthless children from another planet, I got the chills alright!!

I would pay ghoooood money to see someone's pictures from their ceremony on the Precious Moments Wedding Island. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

if you click on the window, you can see more pictures of PM Wedding Island. It looked pretty average until you see the tuxedo'ed guy holding his blushing bride's hand with flying precious Moment cherubs flying around int he background, and you have to feel sorry for everyone in the room.

I went through the PM Chapel on a roadtrip with my parents. We originally were curious about it, but the closer we got, the more it was a trainwreck. We knew we shouldn't look, but couldn't help ourselves.

Once the ordeal was over, we had to visit the Bass Pro shop in Springfield to get the "taste out of our mouths" by viewing dead, stuffed things.

The PM Chapel is an example of religious and outsider art gone awry. The Grottoes in Wisconsin are a much better example of how religious outsider art should be. Or the Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS. Now that's a roadtrip. (http://www.sca-roadside.org/roadtrips/roadtrips1999/GardenofEden.html)


They could use some Precious Moments Sumo Suits and an arena.

Can you imagine the poor grooms, the floor, the patio stones, the shape of that gate, the swans, the name of the place. And that bed.....HELL-O, like demonic possession would happen anywhere else!

Ahhhh. I just toured the grounds, because...like watching someone cycling downhill, falling off their bike and then getting run over....of course, you have to look. THEN, I saw them, life-sized, walking precious moments people!

Wait a second.....in this post, that little PM boy with the white flag...is my husband supposed to give that thing to me when he wants to confess to sleeping with his secretary and expect me to just forgive him???

I'm sure there's a separate figurine for every conceivable occasion.

I've been searching ebay for the "But some of my best friends are black" figurine. So far, no luck.

I have a friend who went to the PM Chapel on her honeymoon.

At their wedding the cake was festooned with an entire PM wedding party - the little childlike bride and groom (um - ew?), the bridesmaids, everything. It was truly frightening.

You know, when I look at that sad-faced little boy, with his mournful little black (?) eyes, waving his cute little white flag, all I can think of is.....

That's what Smeegul must have looked like as a kid!

Yessssssssss, preciousssssssssssss.........

My Daughter and I both went to the Precious Moments Theme Park and had one of the best inspirational times of our lives. And we have been to many places. I guess it's a girl thing! Not many men would be thrilled, however, we did encounter a lot of REAL men there. I say, "Go there and see it for yourself, then make up your own mind!"

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