April 15, 2005

The Rocking Chicken Song, Or What Won't Be On Oxygen

Granddad got the kid this Rocking Chicken from Playsam, the Swedish maker of sleek wooden toys. She loves it, and as she was rocking frantically on it this morning, my wife asked me for a rocking song. Stumped, I just said,

Rocking, rocking, rocking,
Keep that chicken walking,
Christmas tree's got flocking,

Note: whether it's a concept-vs-execution thing or a US-safety standards thing, our chicken (shipped directly from Sweden) has two red crossbars, not one as pictured here.

Anyway, it'd be tacky to print the price of a gift, so you can click through yourself to see.


That's pretty sweet. Is there a reseller here in the States?

I think I'm getting an idea for a first birthday present...

Playsam's rockers are great, but I've never carried the chick...something about the stick though the eyes gives me the creeps.

heh, yeah, I wonder about that.

And it's a little awkward for her to get her leg over the tail by herself. But it's offbeat, not just another horse, although their horse is pretty nice, too.

No, I do love the little chicky (the stick-in-the-eye thing is a personal problem) - surprised to hear that it has a cross brace not pictured...although as pictured it couldn't hold a very heavy or active kid. I wish they still did their rocking saab.

Are you sure that's not a Rockin' Robin?
He rocks in the treetops all day long,
Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' his song.
All the little birds on J-Bird Street,
Love to hear the robin go tweet, tweet, tweet.
Rockin' robin (tweet, tweet, tweet);
Rock, rock, rockin' robin (tweet, tweedle-dee);
Go rockin' robin, we're really gonna rock tonight.

That just may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. I'm getting Norah one of those if I have to fly to Sweden to buy it. CHICKEN!

OK, it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, its reasonably cool, its shiny, its not a horse.....

Its that rocking moose from Ikea, and I like it! I just like it.

I know, its Singapore, but G**GLE gave it to me:


[here's the US link. -dt]

And......its also Swedish and its solid wood. And, its got a metal ring through its nose, which throws me a bit because I don't remember moose with metal rings through their noses growing up in Sweden. And Ekkore, the name for it, means a small squirell....so go figure!

Promise, last one.....

But, to back up the cool factor on this one, as they don't have Ikea in Korea (I guess??) they sell it here? http://www.qun.co.kr/shopuser/goods/productList.html?largeno=5&middleno=1&kind=normal


OK. That must be Ikea Korea. How nifty is that?

Uma, have you ever thought of starting a rocking moose blog?

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