April 15, 2005

Daddy Blog Round Up

What, not posting enough for you? Thn check out the action on these other dad blogs, including a couple of new finds that I'm adding to the daddy blog list at right:

  • Trixie Update: "...As if changing tables weren't disgusting enough..."
  • Modern Day Dad: apparently our weather is now nice enough to warrant a visit to the East Coast. MDD is looking for kid-centric restaurant, taxi, and other travel tips for an impending trip to Boston and NYC.
  • f-bomb: 4-months old and he's got a luxury suite for his first Giants game. "A sudden cheer from the crowd startled our son, and he started screaming."
  • Also from f-bomb's Dept. of WTF??: The Baby Jumping Colacho Festival is coming up in Castrillo de Murcia, Spain.
  • Rebel Dad: Brian's pulling together real-life examples of men who've had negative experiences or real problems trying to take leave under the FMLA for an upcoming National Partnership of Women & Families report.
  • Eric Sagalyn at More Diapers: HBomb sleeps, Eric feels a little guilty for working. [Ahh, the good old days, when the kid'd just stay where you put'em. -dt]
  • Laid-Off Dad: Robert goes to "I'm gonna be a big brother" class, which involves role-play, a lot of advice--and detailed explanations of where the baby comes from (complete with video. "Can we see more of those, please?")
  • Metrodad: Which is stronger, the pull of the city vs the siren call of the suburbs?

  • Poppa Large: A recent guestblogger on Metrodad, Poppa Large is a couple of weeks into SAHDadhood. "There is nothing worse than trying to clothe a screaming baby and not being able to figure out how how the hell her buttons are arranged."
  • Poppa Large bonus post even an Egg like myself didn't know about: biracial Asian/non-Asians are called 'hapa,' and "they're just the cutest!" Except, of course, when they're not. PL looks at hapa culture from an all-Asian-dad-of-a-bi-Asian-daughter's perspective.
  • Mr. Nice Guy: A dad-to-be in Brooklyn is blogging all the classic bases--interviewing doulas; birthing classes; practicing saying 'mucus plug' without laughing; realizing their due date is also opening day for Star Wars 3--you know, all the basics.

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    Hi Greg,

    I've just found your site. It's fantastic. I've got a new dad site for your list: www.dadlog.com. My kidthings are a bit older, so the focus is more on the "what do you do if your kids are HOT?" (no, not in a pervy kind of way; more like a "I know what every boy is thinking" kind of way) situations. I can't wait to keep reading your site.

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