April 15, 2005

AWESOME Rocking Saab From Playsam

playsam_rocking_saab.jpg[Mark from Sparkability just mentioned this in the Rocking Chicken comments:]

Playsam designer Ulf Hanses, who created the company's Rocking Chicken and Horse--as well as their signature Streamliner Classic car, for that matter--also created this incredible Rocking Car in 2001. It's based on Sixten Sason's original prototype for the Saab, which Hanses calls "one of the most modern and futuristic car models of its time."

Playsam has designed many objects and promotional items in collaboration with Saab, and the Rocking Car (and the 2002 Roadster), were among those that made it into production. Like all good Saabs, of course, it's gone now. Somehow I can't see GM--which took over Saab and turned it into a pathetic, soulless zombie brand in less than five years--commissioning anything like this anytime soon.

But if you HAVE to HAVE a Rocking Saab, even though you'd never even heard of it until five minutes ago, Jack Box, an online toy store in Japan, may be your best bet. They list the car for around 59,000 yen, but they say they got some, they're taking reservations, but delivery'll take 2-3 months. I've fired off an email asking for details, so gentlemen, start your engines, but cool your jets.

Scandinavian design on demand [playsam.com]
No.14003, SAAB Rocking Car, Black, 58,590 (tax incl.) [Jackbox, mayg.co.jp]
Related: Another Playsam design you can't have, the Police Harley Davidson by BJ÷RN DAHLSTR÷M [playsam gallery]
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Perhaps I'm missing some nuanced intricacy of why these aren't the same, but I believe the rocker you speak of is also available here (this thanks to my husband, at coveting who likes cool objects as much as you do!).
- Saab owner

See? I told you it was out there. And for only $206, too. I don't know why you people get so worked up over stuff, geez.

Seriously, though? Thanks.

I will never NEVER own a GM becuase of what they did to Saab. They will be stopping production completely, from what I understand.

WAIT...what other brands do they own, maybe I am already being hypocritical.

The Saab Rocking car is a fantastic piece of kit. The cheapest price that I have found it for is here: Saab Rocking car from Elkparts

[wow, it's marked down to £93.49. thanks -ed.]

You can also find it here:

Hi, I have one for sale, as we are moving...

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