April 10, 2005

Gear Peer-Reviewed

Some other dads have been stepping up to the plate and reviewing some gear on their own blogs:

  • Laid-Off Dad posts about buying Robert his first (non-leather) baseball mitt: "1) nylon is more pliable and weather-resistant, and 2) the vibrant blue is easy to locate at the playground. (It also comes in pink, a fact that made my wife throw up in her mouth.)" [I can say definitively that we will not buy the kid a pink mitt. While she did watch her first Yankees homerun this weekend, we put her to bed before she had to watch her first Yankee stomping by Baltimore.]
  • Jason has a hands-on review of their stroller, the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain. One thing I didn't realize--I've mentioned the Jeep, but haven't tried it out--it has built-in speakers for your portable audio device. Jason's net: the Jeep's a good ride, especially on cobblestones, but it's big and doesn't really fold down very well.

    At the risk of morphing into "Laid-Off Daddytypes" [LOD]
    Our Stroller [david-jaime-jason]


    Speaking of strollers, did you know that the STS-1 Lightweight Stroller from One Step Ahead is the same as the Combi Savvy Soho Sport Stroller? If you buy the Combi, you get more color choices (red, blue, yellow). If you buy the One Step Ahead you get grey. The Combi is $70. The One Step Ahead stroller is $40. Guess which one we bought?

    Does anyone have any reviews of the One Step Ahead Premiere Carriage Stroller? It's got most of the features I want at a suspiciously low price, which is why I'm hesitant to go for it.


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