April 10, 2005

Benny's Burrito, 113 Greenwich Ave & Jane St - NO DUH

Hadn't been there in a long while. The breakfast burritos were still fine, but there wasn't even a mens room, much less a changing table in it. It was out of order.

Changing a kid on a banquette bench in the window seems harshly uncool, though. Better to wait it out.


I'm not sure what it says about me that I spent many minutes reading about the baby-friendlyness of men's bathrooms in nyc. Because 1. I'm not a man 2. I live in Calyfornia and 3. My kids are out of diapers. But the chronicle is amusing -- and useful -- and I'm glad you're keeping track of the info. For someone.
xo, from Eve of Mothering Down the Bones

I don't have any children that I know of but lots of my friends do. Hey Eve, if you come back here, how do I come check out your blog, it asks me for a password. email me at
p a w l r@yahoo.com (take the spaces out of pawlr)

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