April 7, 2005

Voulez Vous Pousser Avec Moi Ce Soir?

´Líhomme qui conduit son cabriolet díune main dans les films, je trouve cela trËs sÈduisant. On retrouve la mÍme attitude, la mÍme dÈsinvolture avec la poussette, cíest aussi une forme de sÈduction. Cíest la mise en scËne díune certaine polyvalence, díune efficacitÈ.ª

["The man who drives his convertible with one hand in films, I find that very tempting. I find the same attitude, the same ease with a stroller, it is also a form of seduction. It creates the aura of a certain versatility, of an effectiveness."]

Said the sexy French anthropologist as she shifted in her chair. As she leaned over to pull a "Stroller Company Consulting Project" folder from her valise, her barely buttoned blouse--I'd better stop there.

Apparently, according to a Nov. 2004 article from Le Temps, in France, stroller companies are using the same thing that got men into the situation in the first place--sex--to sell them kid-related gear.

For men, a stroller's like a car, a tool to show they're in control. For women, it's all about protecting the child, because they carried them in their wombs. This, from the country with 455 types of cheese (make that 456). So far, the strategy seems to be working, at least on the male journalists.

Poussette attitude
[via c'est-ý-dire]

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In fact, the above article is from Switzerland, not France. So change the statement "455 types of cheese" into "455 types of cows" and you're done.


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