April 7, 2005

My First (Um, Totally Extreme!!)Toy Stroller

It's Rad! It's Extreme! It's ready for some serious Off-Road Adventure! Your friends' baby dolls won't know what hit'em when you roll up on them with the AWESOME Max Box toy stroller for boys--

Yes, or should I say, Oui. The Max Box is a 3-wheeled, very-not-pink, tech-style stroller from the French toy company Smoby that's apparently meant to break the tired old mold of toy strollers being just for leetle girls. Or maybe it's like candy cigarettes, an insidious/ingenious marketing ploy to grow the stroller customers of tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for boys playing with strollers. And I even like the French. But for some reason, this just feels really too easy a target to pass up. Plus, it's for sale in the "Girls - Doll Accessories" section of the website.

Repetez: "Ziss? Non, eet eez my leetle seester's. I am just blowing eet up."

Max Box, 49,99 at Teddytoys.fr


I can't figure out how to order one and my son NEEDS this stroller! HELP

Same here...where do you order it?!? The link didn't work =(

Ok the kid in the picture pushing the stroller is WAY too old for this.

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