April 6, 2005

Baby Bandolier Carries Diapers, Yet It's Not A Bag

We were just talking last week about all the crap and gear you have to take with you when you go out with a kid. [Actually, I was kind of ragging on people I saw on the street who'd stuffed and hung their stroller with so much gear, they looked like homeless bums.]

By paring down to the essentials, the parent/designers of the Baby Bandolier have taken a step in the opposite--and right--direction. The BB is basically a shoulder strap with a row of compartments attached, which hold diapers, bottles & food, and cell phones & keys. There's also a detachable insulated bag. But for my money, the most ingenious thing is the built-in changing pad, which unfurls from the strap.

The Baby Bandolier comes in two size/color combos: a smaller, all black version, or the Extreme Condition, which is a larger, black/grey combo for longer trips, or for burlier guys.

Or for the parents of twins. The inventors have three little kids now; I'd be interested to see how they manage with only the gear they can fit in a Baby Bandolier. Maybe you strap on two, like Rambo.

The Baby Bandolier is $34.95 or $39.95 online [duds4dads.com, via DT reader Dan]


God help me but that is cool.

Very cool. However, I've found the best baby bag for a man. Iíve been using it with our ten month old since he was 2 months old. I use a maxpedtion fatboy versipak (www.maxpedition.com).

Four diapers
Four pre packaged envelops of formula (or three ziplock baggies filled with finger foods)
Travel pack of diaper wipes
Cutdown foil blanket as a changing pad
Two little people (toys)
Sony camera (digital)
Moleskin notepad (5x7)
Two pens
Flashlight mini-maglite

While out and about, we leave the diaper bag in the car and this as a primary. We've only had to go back once after a bout of vomit to change clothes. But, I had enough supplies in my pack to clean up our boy pretty thoroughly.

While a little urban "warrior" pound for pound I'll stand by my highbred pack. I've become so attached I've turned it into my full time bag or as my wife calls it my European man purse.

Impressive, jjm, but it's a Moleskine, you hipster geek dad, you :)


Hipster, no geek maybe, well okay yeah geek works.


I was interested in the Bandolier, but a simple product-related question submitted twice through their comment form has gone unanswered.

Yeah, now that you mention it, they didn't answer my email about wearing it backwards. Clearly, the next one will have "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM????" in the subject line.

So the head of Duds4dads emailed; it sounds like any early-stage website problems are all ironed out, so start sending them all kinds of orders and comments.

Also, you can order these from target.com. I ordered one for my friend (not a daddy myself).

Ya, I heard from the owner and ironed out my questions. It's a decent product. My questions had mostly to do with where certain items would be placed, such as having room for diapers. Ya, it's a no brainer that the bandolier would pack diapers, but with all the pockets labeled for various uses, I wanted that tiny detail assured.

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