April 5, 2005

Hey Caddy, er, Daddy: Danny Gregory's "Peanut"

Writer/illustrator Danny Gregory has launched Peanut, a new bi-weekly series about fatherhood, on The Morning News. In his first installment, he tees up a slightly unsettling account of his experience with (or mostly without, actually) his own father, by comparing pregnancy to golf:

...You can bogey a hole one day and pull a birdie on the same hole the next. Regardless of whether you take seven months or 10 to finish up, youíll end up in the clubhouse telling stories about your round and puffing on a cigar.

My metaphor's a little tangled, but do heed one point. You, the father, are at best the caddy. Maybe you'll get to suggest a club now and then, maybe you'll be asked to estimate the distance to the pin, and if it rains, you will hold the umbrellaóand probably not over yourself. So what do caddies think as they trudge behind the players, schlepping the bag? Does anyone care? Maybe that's why, in trying to write about caddying on one particular round, I ended up having to tell the whole history of the sport since the birth of birth itself.

Of course, now I feel like a pesky grandparent, wondering when's the next one coming? Not soon enough. Start typing, Daddy.

Peanut: An Introduction
Danny Gregory's awesome picture-packed weblog, Everyday Matters [dannygregory.com]

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