April 4, 2005

YF UK Magazine Far Less Interesting Than Its Acronym

Your Family is a new magazine for new parents published by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Richard Morrison's analysis of it in the Times of London has an all-too familiar ring to it:

So there is certainly a place for a magazine that offers not only useful tips to new parents but also, even more importantly, the reassurance that they are far from alone in feeling inadequate. And I don't deny that Your Family is full of excellent advice.

There is just one problem. The NSPCC may say that the magazine is aimed at "parents with young children". But what it is really aimed at is mothers. I can't think of a single man of my acquaintance who would be seen dead with it. It's not just that "fluffy-bunny pink" cover. Itís the writing style and story treatment: pure women's magazine.

A fluffy-bunny pink cover? It's enough to get a man arrested

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