April 4, 2005

Target Gets Approval of Seal


YOW, Baby Chic 101 really works over Heidi Klum and her baby step-daddy/baby daddy-to-be Seal...for shopping at Target: "Heidi is shown holding Target baby clothing (I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth), and various baby bottles while Seal carts around one of the most unsafe types of baby walkers on the market."

I can't figure out how to link directly to Patty's post, but if you want to know what Patty really thinks, just search her March 2005 archive for the phrase, "that ho Heidi Klum."

This is where I have to stand up for Seal, who seems to be taking the daddy thing very seriously. As for Target, the only socks we could find that actually stayed on the kid's infant feet were the Target-only Carter 6-packs, so word.

And Heidi? Seems like she just got fired from her own baby clothes company for being pregnant [granted, the company--which doesn't mind arguing with a pregnant woman--says she missed a planning meeting.

Target in Baby Chic 101's Sights [babychic101.com]
Otto Dooms Klum [nydn, via gawker]
previously: Seal drives a Bugaboo!!
By the way, that's the Safety 1st Sound 'n Lights Discovery Walker.


I think it's fantastic they are shopping at Target. I mean, I love Target!

I *heart* Target.

And what the heck is wrong with Target baby clothes??? They sell Carter's just like every other place on the planet. Plus, their other brands are fine. They are pretty much all plain-old cotton clothes.

Yay for Heidi and Seal.

to Patty's point, though, I think the fact that every place on the planet has Carter's can be a downside.

[Of course, there are also places that don't have Carter's and who would send yer hillbilly butt packing if ya asked for it.

Hey, there oughta be a show about the antics of hillbillies moving to some hi-falutin' fancy-pants town...]

Another "love to spend money we don't have at Target" vote here. And I live in West Virginia. ('Nuf ced.)

The post was meant to be a joke. It was not to be taken seriously. Although I did actually recieve threats over it and had to turn one person into AOL's security departmet.

Ok, so maybe the post is a joke...does that go for the whole site too? I mean, ye gods...consumerism run amok on aisle 5! It's not enough we've got a whole culture devoted to making sure women value themselves by going broke to buy impossible to afford clothes in impossible to achieve sizes....we better make sure we're socializing our infants to do the same before they have a chance to wriggle off the hook?

The site is very real and no one is forcing your ass to read it.

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