April 2, 2005

Makie Fleece Kimono For Your Baby Jedi

A little while back, I spotted this cool-looking (actually, it's more warm-looking) fleece kimono on friend of a friend's new baby blog and asked them where it came from. [Yes, this site has given me an overdeveloped sense of entitlement to accost strangers and quiz them about any kid-related thing I can think of. You've been warned.]

While I'm going with the Jedi Knight reference, the cynics out there will probably say it'll make your kid look like a Jawa. Suit yourself.

Anyway, the kimono is by Makie, a Japanese designer with a storefront in SoHo (109 Thompson St, just below Prince). It's pretty minimalist stuff, with a lot of attention to little details. The tags are even handwritten.

If you're not in town, she also sells through various online shops, like Modern Child, who sells the kimono for $64.

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