April 2, 2005

Camping Out For Preschool Slots

Is it just me, or does an elaborate system of prep courses and consultants, a stress-inducing interview and screening process, and five figure tuition for pre-school sound kinda nice right now?

Parents wait all night in freezing weather to enroll kids in preschool [Ann Arbor News, via DT reader Ponch]

bonus dad quote: "How old is our kid??" [ok, he didn't say that exactly. But that's the way it sounds.]

[update: Who knew? It's apparently National Camping Out For Preschool Season. Brian aka RebelDad writes that, not only did he have to camp out for his kid's preschool slot, he'll have to camp out again for elementary school. And he points to a Washington Post article from last week. Says one dad, "It's like a Grateful Dead concert without the drugs and alcohol."]

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