March 31, 2005

Justice Is Her Middle Name

Congratulations to new parents Ronald and Patricia, who's daughter Aryan shares a birthday with George Washington.

Aryan Justice's birth announcement [, via lindsayism]


Does the name "Aryan Justice" give anybody else here the heebie-jeebies?

I'm sure her big brother Karl Kirby Koresh thought it was pretty cool.

That's screwed up.

These parents need to be on a watchlist somewhere.

I can top that. An aunt of mine named her daughter 'Bree Liberty.' She has since gone on to law school and to dating one of Jeb Bush's sons. God bless America.

ooh! She's got a real pretty mouth.

I am really hoping they are trying to do a creative spelling of "Erin" or the parents are fans of yoga. Something. Anything. Otherwise it's just sad. Really - this baby would be better of kidnapped by a cult.

I've heard of a few girls named Sativa (a chemical found in cannabis), but Aryan is just asking for abuse. If that kid doesn't grow up twisted, she'll end up changing her name to something a little nicer, such as Ariana Justine.

aryan?? who names their offspring that?

Um, she also shares her birthday with Dr. J. Her parents must be so psyched.

I guess White Power was just too obvious...

I cannot even imagine what meeting this person might be like in 20ish years :/

She's got a free ticket to the Jerry Springer show with that name.

Actually, they did know what they were doing. They belong to a white supremacist group. Just google "Aryan Justice" and you'll find it.

Incredibly sad.

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