March 30, 2005

A Quick Link Roundup: Cool Stores

There's a lot here I plan to write about soon, plus some stuff I've been meaning to write about for a while. Thought I'd get the links out there in the mean time:

cool kid design

  • Modern Child [that's, don't forget the dot net] is a new parent-started company with a serious approach to high-design for kids. They've got the Nanna Ditzel Toadstool furniture, Alvar Aalto table & chairs, and some good Dutch design. Also clothes, books, etc. [via urbanbaby]
  • 2modern [, throw a digit in your name, you can usually get the dot com.] is a new modern furniture source, with a pretty clean kids/baby section. They have a lot of OFFI and other younger designers, not just the classics.
  • Modernseed [, what am I, a magazine?] keeps expanding; they've got the Trissen Toadstool pieces now, too (when it rains, they pop up everywhere, I guess), plus cool Pia Wallen felt booties, those Sirch bentwood toys, plus some cutesy stuff for the ladies.
  • I don't want you to think I'm not still in love with Sparkability and Toadstool pioneer Kid-O; I mean, we DID agree we could see other people, didn't we?
  • Speaking of which (Kid-O, not not seeing other people), Just found Kid-O-pener Laura Mahar's interview on Gothamist from Dec. 2004. Clearly, I'm slow, a special needs blogger.


    Although Kid-O was early to jump on the Trissen Toadstools, please don't forget the true original, Nanna Ditzel.

    ?? Trissen IS Nanna Ditzel. It's just that you couldn't find them anywhere in the US until Kid-O (and now, fortunately, other stores) started carrying them.

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