March 21, 2005

Dad-made Arts & Crafts Crib

handmade_crib_axonometric.gifOn December 30, 2000, Hilary Nelson ordered the cherry wood to build a co-sleeper crib with a little futon mattress. They wanted a handmade crib to match their arts & crafts bedroom furniture, and so he designed his own. In around a month of working nights and weekends, the crib was finished just before his wife went into labor Jan. 29.

Nelson published an illustrated HOWTO guide on his site, detailing both the process and the tools he used to make the crib. For the adventurous, well-tooled, and/or already-skilled dads out there, the best way to get a hand-crafted, well-designed crib may be to make it yourself.

A Handmade Arts & Crafts Co-Sleeper Crib
[, thanks to DT reader Andy]

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Sweet, I know what the next kid's present from Grandma and Grandpa is.
The cost on something like that is more in the labor than the materials. With the materials I can get around here, it would range from almost free when made from salvaged oak, to around $300 for premium lumber.

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