March 17, 2005

Read'em Roundup

A few things to read in your copious free time:

  • [via Rebel Dad] one letter writer to the Washington Post finds their Style section homage to hometown girl Judith Warner and her overprogrammed groupies much less compelling than the incredible profile of James Hill, an 18-year old single dad in DC who's been raising his 2-year old daughter while he finishes high school, which ran the same day. It doesn't warm my heart to find out Warner's book is set in our DC neighborhood [which feels a million miles away from Hill's.]
  • [via Modern Day Dad] In the golden age of local television, every town had its locally produced kids show. Can I hear a shout out to Cowboy Bob in Indianapolis? Those days are gone, except for Pancake Mountain, DC [??] filmmaker Scott Stuckey's crazy kids music show, which features insane performances by the likes of Henry Rollins, The Scissor Sisters, and Thievery Corporation. Says Shonen Knife's exultant publicist, Carla Parisi, in the Washington Post: "The day there are no more media outlets featuring puppets and dance parties with children is the day I quit public relations." BUY THE DVD.
  • Man, Eric at More Diapers has been keeping it together through some rough, colicky, sleepless times [otherwise known as the first couple of months], with their kid, HBomb.
    But last week, when they had to navigate an insane info-haze at the hospital after discovering a lump on HBomb's head, he almost loses it a dozen times. And who can blame him? Those folks deserve at least a year of sleeping through the night, and they get the run-around instead. [start here and scroll up]


    Aren't Judith Warner's 15 minutes long past up now? Off to read the article about the 18-year-old dad.

    Thanks for the concern. We'd like some sleep around here, too. Things are getting better, tho!

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