March 16, 2005

Firefly Kids Cell Phone Not Just For Chewing Anymore

firefly_kids_cell_phone.jpgThe kid's expanded her use of our cell phones. She used to just chew on them and saturate their crevices with her drool. Then she started cuddling them, which approximates the way some hedge fund guys I know treat their Crackberries.

She listens to a call only sporadically, though, and she clams right up when it's time to talk. But I know it's just a matter of time before she starts blowing the lid off our calling plan by the first of every month.

So you can guess I'm not too excited about the debut of the Firefly, which bills itself as the first mobile phone for kids. It has mom and dad on speed dial, and it holds up to 20 numbers in its address book. You can even program it to not accept calls that don't originate from one of those numbers.

True to its name, the Firefly lights up all over the place when it rings. It reminds me of those annoying kids shoes with blinking lights in the heel.

There's no mention of pricing, and even though it's a GSM phone, it's only compatible with the Suncom network, which I think started out a CB radio in rural North Carolina. Theoretically, unlocked Fireflies should work on any GSM network, though. Y'all.

Order Firefly Mobile phone for kids for--who knows? [ via DT reader...damn, where's that email?]


Hmm interesting.

Our little one does the same thing - we'll be talking on the phone and she'll be babbling away. Then, we put the phone up to her to talk to Nona or Baba, and she goes dead quiet.

I think from now on, when I'm tired of talking to my mother, I'll just say "wanna talk to Baba?" in my baby voice and then just set the phone on the counter for a few minutes and go do something else. She'll never know the difference.

One thing to note on those phones that may be important to some - the 20 phone numbers in the address book can be set by the parents (at least, according to the other review I read), so it isn't like they necessarily have 20 of their friends' numbers in there.


I think this is a great way to have tweens have the cell phone they want! Its aswome

The FireFly phone has proven to be a great success. It holds a charge, it's compact and it gives parents the control they need. The phone retails for $99.

[Thanks. where should I send the ad invoice? -ed.]

It costs 25 cents a minute. That seems a little steep for kids to talk.

Well, its a great idea, but my daughter has one and they break very easily... For all you parents out there, DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Besides, they don't even have text messaging. How cheap!

i think fireflies are a great idea and i MUST have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it would be a big deal to me if i got one then i could feel more independant and i would not have to use my moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to purchase a phone but I would like physical contact with company

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