March 16, 2005

Brits Bonkers for Babybots

What is it about the United Kingdom and robot babies?

A group of Welsh politicians took robot babies into town in order to get some first-hand experience on the challenges of traveling and shopping with a kid. Fortunately, some reporters happened upon them and recorded their stunt.

One council member complained, "The lack of baby-changing facilities, feeding facilities and activities to keep children amused can sometimes make a trip to town or a local amenity a nightmare."

The babybots are normally used to teach teens about pregnancy. Or their off switch is disconnected, and they're used to teach about fetal alcohol syndrome. Or they're used on a reality TV show by a Scottish gay decorator couple to entertain the once-great empire. Or they show up on Big Brother 5. I think we've found the common thread.

Off to the shops with a robot baby [icWales, via money-not-art]
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I have a feeling these robot babies are going to be the next thing on this side of the "Pond" as well... where do I buy the first Canadian franchise?

It's interesting that politicians were looking into the problem though... I wonder if they're considering setting wheelchair ramp style laws for changing tables, etc?

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