March 15, 2005

Stainless Steel & Plexiglass Crib - It's The Little Differences

kaplan_stainless_crib.jpgAs you'd expect from a product targeting the Babycare Industrial Complex (i.e., hospitals, day care centers, nurseries, etc.), this sweet commercial-grade stainless steel crib with plexiglass ends from Kaplan is kind of standardized. At a glance, it's remarkably similar to the Construction Playthings model featured here last August, but like they say, it's the little differences:

  • These wheels are bigger, which looks kinda nice.
  • There's no easy-operating "Johns Hopkins handle" [whatever that is].
  • The Playthings one looks shinier, but it may just be the picture.
  • The Kaplan includes with a mattress
  • Plus, it's $500 less [with free shipping in the 48 states. SORRY, Canada. heh.]

    Buy this stainless steel crib for $1,150.95 at Kaplan Early Learning [, thanks DT reader Amy]
    Previously: Lab-quality stainless steel crib


    Hard to tell from the picture, but is that kid rattling her baby cup against the jail bars, oops, I mean rails of the crib?

    This reminds me of a autopsy equipment like bathtub I saw at a home show, it puts the institutional back into bed time.

    You know what I think might soften the crib a little? A nice "Precious Moments" bedskirt and bumper.

    Finally a crib to echo the sentiments my child has when she's put into one. Now to find one of those bright orange jumpsuits or other prison garb...

    Eeeek. I like this one.

    I didn't like that Amish, wooden and plexi thingy awhile back. But I like this one.
    Its totally tall........

    Brings back painful memories of 5:30 am Pediatric Surgical Rounds. The horror.

    Hey babies? Ever wondered what it's like to be raised in an institutional orphanage? Get the look and feel of those old fashioned "baby jails" with this stunning crib!

    Really. It's horrifying. Why not paint their room that depressing hospital green while you're at it?

    Sounds perfect.
    Padded walls and all.
    And then, when they grow up I can just sit in there and cry into my vodka martini (served in a steel mug)

    Hey...everyone I think it's perfect for those minimalist or modern lovers out there. Thanks for the link! I'd love to have it for my astronaut themed nursery!

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