March 14, 2005

Dogtown And Z Babies

genz_wetsuit.jpgAccording to the t-shirt, Generation Z is defined as "n. 1. Offspring of Generation X and Y. 2. A group of individuals born after 2000 to 2025. 3. The most adapted and connected generation to recognize, reinvent and rule." OK...

I'd define it as "two more Gen X parents who were so dissatisfied by the hip baby gear offerings in LA they decided to start their own clothing line." That said, Generation Z is more than a couple of copywriters who decide to learn silkscreening on extended maternity leave.

Their awesome-looking "loungewear" for infants and toddlers is inspired by a classic SoCal icon: the surfer's wetsuit. While surfers strip off their wetsuits in the parking lot, this loungewear is meant to be worn all day--and night, too. It's for women who wear yoga pants and Juicy Couture everywhere, who question why they have to get their kid dressed in the morning. [Hey, as an aficionado of the conceptually similar "screenwriterwear," I can relate. Dude.]

Some jumpsuits even have authentic-looking [update: and functional!] little kneepads sewn in to protect your little crawler.

The loungewear is $54 for the kneepad suit, $52 for the full body, and $44 for the shortie. Order online at Generation Z Baby, or call them at 818-301-... waitaminnit, 818?? These chicks are from the Valley!


Feh. My baby is only going to wear AUTHENTIC knee-pads, not authentic LOOKING.

I'm not all girly-girl but can I just say? OMG!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!! But please. $55? Most of my son's clothes have other kid's initials on the tag.

1) just to clarify: they're actually functional kneepads.
2) It's only $54, not $55, which still doesn't beat free-from-the-day-care. sells something that like this that is actually meant for swimming and works as a sun block dealy.

Hey my 2 year old son has one of the kneepads and he never wants to take it off. They seem to be made really well.

Generation Z Baby's name has changed to Baby Barefootin

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