March 13, 2005

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Until recently, the kid's been pretty uninterested in mimicking us. She'd do a sound now and then, but she's been more an independent observer who'll do her own thing for her own reason, not just because we're doing it.

Then last night after dinner, as my wife and I were whistling an assortment of the most annoying ringtones possible, the kid, thoroughly amused, started trying to whistle. She didn't put her lips together and blow, she put her lips together and made little high-pitched, sing-song hums. She was very pleased with herself.

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Mimicing is great. Our daughter often tries to imitate what we are doing but being just shy of her second birthday she often lacks the height/coordination/ability to do it. The resulting attempts provide moments of great hilarity. the real excitement begins when your child does stuff that, according to the best of your knowledge, no one has shown them. The Dumpling often licks the tips of her fingers when reading a book/magazine/newspaper and we have no clue who told her to do this. She even does it on command. Hilarious.

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