March 11, 2005

Double Decker Stroller

double_decker_stroller.jpgI've been kind of slacking on the stroller front lately, so I'm gonna try to make it up to you--in bulk. DT reader Geoff is waiting for a couple of kids sent along this link for the Double Decker Stroller, which I like to call the 'Decker (there's also a Triple, which looks like a narrow slice of an infant-sized stadium on wheels).

The 'Decker [for some reason, I think of Blade Runner when I type that] is a most-terrain, travel system-like frame, designed to hold multiple car seats. It has a no-nonsense tubular steel frame that folds to fit in the back of your new minivan. And with large, inflatable tires, it should go more places and have a smoother ride there even another multiple-friendly travel system out there?

Unfortunately, it appears designed to hold only ugly American car seats. By that I mean, ugly car seats, not...ugly...American... God Bless America. And its ruffle-encrusted car seats.

I guess it doesn't help that the other twin travel system--the Bebeconfort Twin Club--is from France.

The made-in-USA 'Decker starts at $220+$40 S/H []
previously: the bebeconfort twin club looks great


This would work for 2 kids:

The Jane Powertwin does takes car seats, but it has ordinary pushchair seats too.

Does anyone have any experience with the double decker stroller, and could give me a quick review? Drop me an email if you can.

Having twins in June, and have a 9 mo toddler. We're looking at the Twin Plus Toddler made by the Double Decker folks, but I can't find any reviews on any of their strollers.


Thanks in advance.

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