March 7, 2005

No, TRUE Love Is Letting Someone COUGH In Your Mouth

which the kid just did when I picked her up.

Wash hands before and after everything, try to keep the piles of babysnot-filled Kleenexes around the house below knee-level. Echinacea, Vitamin C, Jamba Juice, I even painted our door frame with chicken blood.

When the kid's sick, is there NO way to NOT all get sick along with her?


Awwww... hope you all get better soon.

thanks, but we're not all sick yet. And since my wife has to fly to Japan this weekend for work, we're hoping to keep it that way.

Another question, is it possible to be sick yourself and not give it to the kid?

Said the feverish, sniffly man with a child on his lap...

Hmm. Having yr heir cough in your mouth is indeed, bad news. Worse news is having the heir vomit in your mouth. This happened to me twice during the vomit-prone stage six or so months back. Shudder.

Damn. Nic beat me to it. The only other one I offer is being vomited awake in the middle of the night. Really makes you wish the kid was off at college already.

I've been peed on, puked on and pooped on. But oddly enough, even with three kids, not one of them has ever coughed in my mouth.


Just got coughed in the eye this morning. And no. When one gets sick, everyone is sick. Can we borrow some chicken blood?

--> Andy

The household cold has moved on to my wife, I guess my son is next. If we're really lucky it will hold off till the night before we fly to SF.

BIYM and I both had colds recently. We knew it was only a matter of time (no matter how hard we tried) before the bug jumped to our three month old boy. He hung in there like a champ though, enduring constant suction bulb assaults.

True love can be like a desert flower. Surviving under the toughest conditions.

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