March 6, 2005

My Other Rocker Is An Emeco

emeco_rocker.jpgAfter nearly twenty years of meeting for drinks in his hotel lobbies, I'm growing a little weary of Philippe Starck's schtick. That said, the Heritage Rocker he made for Emeco, the awesome aluminum chair manufacturer is very tempting.

The Hudson collection he created for Emeco, is distinctly Starck-like; there's a rocker in that line, too. But I prefer the Heritage rocker, which has only very subtle additions to the original Emeco Navy Chair design--some slightly swoopier arms and, of course, the rockers--which is an understated classic.

This is probably not going to be your first rocker. The chair is comfortable enough, but let's face it, it's hard and straight. Still, it'd make a great second rocker, or a living room showpiece. If you're really looking for a showpiece, though, go ahead and get the Hudson with the highly polished Terminator-2-like finish.

Emeco Heritage Rocker by Philippe Starck []
Buy the Emeco armchair rocker at Sparkability, $580 for the original brushed aluminum, $620 for a powdercoat, or $1,165 for the polished finish. []
Check out the Hudson Rocker with polished finish, $1,300, which is included in MoMA's design collection (but not mine).


Hmmm...well, I've gotta say this chair looks to me like a rocking version of the ninetheenth-century electric-killin' sort: more Sing-Sing chic than modern day must-have. But then, I'm the type of guy (read idiot) who's taken by things like the Stokke/Opsvik Gravity chair (and actually thought it was a rocking chair until I saw what it could really do). []

We have an Emeco rocker. Much more comfortable than they look.

Just a side note, having mentioned Phillipe Starck and the Hudson --

We stayed at the Hudson hotel on 58th street a week ago while my wife was on business. we actually requested to stay there, since it was close to a friend's place, close to "The gates" and the website looked pretty damn cool. But i have to say, the rooms in the hudson hotel have ZERO space in them. This was smaller than a youth hostel room! we had a full size bed (with a tall guy and a pregnant woman, it wasn't that great).

Now, as far as style goes, oh, it was awesome. but i would have given up the beautiful wood panelling and the phillipe starck chair for about 100 more sq. ft.

Check out this story about a guy who stayed there with his kids.

Champion Of The Hip Parents Rights Movement

Hmmmm, I just love Sparkability. I am sure that you have mentioned it before.....but man, I just have to have EVERYTHING that they sell. I especially love those Mobile's from Denmark. I was REALLY wondering where to find them and then...VOILA. Here you go.

Elska deg.

PS - those Stokke/Opsviks are notoriously tippy unless you sleep like deadwood. And they take up HEAPS of space. You have to have a loft to love them.

greg: i remember reading that, and obviously they chose the suite, which we would have done (yay business expense!) but there were none left. I can't imagine taking a kid there.

uma: i agree on the sparkability! and those mobiles are probably all i could afford...

Anyone found a modern rocker they are fond of? The Emeco is just a little too starck for me (electric-chairish was a good image).

I'm eyeing Dondolo Rocker at DWR. Anyone tried it out?

hella rockers here:

have fun.

I really like this one:

We have been looking for the DWR dondolo rocker for nursing our new baby, but it has been discontinued. Any suggestions where we can find one? Can anyone tell us how comfortable it is? Thanks!!

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