March 6, 2005

Babylon High Chair Converts To Magazine Rack

Right before we went to Holland, a couple of people sent in the Babylon High Chair, which is a very nice find. It's got a solid, very spare design which allows the kid to eat at the table, not in their own tray-enabled ghetto, and it adjusts to various heights. And unlike the Stokke Kinderzeat/Tripp Trapp which it obviously [?] was inspired by, it converts to a lovely magazine rack once the kid's off to college.

Even better, the Babylon is made by Argington, a new young design/manufacturing studio in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, in fact) which was started by an arist/designer/architect/mathematician couple. The main inspiration for Argington's line, says Andrew--his are the two latter slashes--is their 2-year old son, Wavy Davy. [named, obviously, after their favorite ice cream.] The collection also includes a more baroque highchair called Zeus, tables, chairs, a sweet toybox, and official Wavy Davy-inspired capes and bibs.

Note: On Sparkability, it says the chair is available in walnut or maple, but the picture--and the small print and the Argington website--all say birch to me. And the cushion is either optional, separate, or included. Doublecheck before you buy.

Babylon Highchair from Argington []
Buy the Babylon high chair with cushion at Sparkability for $230 []


I used to think that having our dumpling eat at the table with us (as opposed to her tray) was a fantastic idea. Now, after a month, not so much. You see we have a 50's table and the extension is exactly where she eats. Thus, small remnants of each meal are wedged into the table's small grooves and food remnant extraction is quite difficult. How I yearn for the days of wiping off a tray.
Having said that, it's a nice chair.

Do you like the Svanne?

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