February 28, 2005

Mercedes Sports Tourers: Good News & Bad News

The Mercedes I've been waiting to see is the R-Series, a large, sleek wagon--Ach, don't call it a wagon!--Grand Sports Touring crossover/hybrid concept whatever. It's been making the auto show rounds as the Vision R, and it goes on sale...
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WSJ Weighs In On Dads-n-Strollers

Thanks to everyone who forwarded lasr week's Wall Street Journal story about new dad-friendly strollers and other gear. The article hits several Daddy Types favorites (the Bugaboo, obviously; the Xplory, and the Quinny Buzz) and even includes quotes from several...
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It's Raining, Men: Kid-size Urinals

I was taking notes at a pretty quick pace in Amsterdam, figuring I'd just look stuff up online later. Except I couldn't find the Happy Pee Kiddy Boy Urinal anywhere. We saw it in Teuntje, a very cool kids store...
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No Added Sugar Camo PJ's

No Added Sugar is a London-based kids clothing company with the usual array of slightly irreverent silkscreened T-shirts and bodysuits. These camo playsuits (if they call them pajamas, they have to meet some flame retardant and non-loose fitting-ness safety requirement,...
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Prenatal High Chair [No, you read that right]

I'm sure it's pronounced Prey-nah-TALL. PrČnatal is actually a chain of moderately sized Dutch baby stores, more Right Start, than Buy Buy Baby. They have clothes (just as generic as US mall clothes), strollers, car seats and small stuff, but...
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Daddy Types: Veeling is Heet

Caution! filling is hot: I'm going to keep posting about stuff we found in Holland until I numb the pain of finding the entire country stripped of its old-school, bubbly-crusted McDonald's apple pies. Fortunately, it's a small country, so we're...
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