February 23, 2005

The Smart Buggy: Two-wheeled Stroller from Phil & Ted's

pt_smartbuggy.jpgActually, it's probably closer to a revolution in baby transportation. Or, for the less starry-eyed folks out there, it's a handcart/wheelie for babies.

Designed to be used on public transportation like, say, the bus, an option which usually drops off the radar of stroller-pushing parents, the Smart Buggy seems awfully urban to have come from a little sheep-filled country like New Zealand. The Smart Buggy's wheels and legs fold completely away, without having to take the kid out of the rig, and he becomes just an elaborately wrapped piece of carryon luggage.

It looks a lot like a backpack, but the large molded tires let you drive it like a wheelie-popping stroller or pull it like a wheelie suitcase. At 12 lbs, it's not the lightest stroller out there, but it's in the zone. And besides, who cares? Now that you can take the bus again, you don't have to heft the stroller up and down the subway stairs anymore.

Best of all, it's free! Or at least there's no price set on the website yet. Stay tuned.

The Smart Buggy, from Phil and Teds
[thanks to DT Reader Erik, who's apparently skipping school to send this stuff in.]


Unique idea. But, it seems to me that it would be a good physical workout, trying to balance the child in it while walking. Might end up being a lot of work, if you are in a walking city. On somewhat related note, while out in Central Park this weekend (viewing The Gates), I saw a couple that had one of the Phil & Ted's with the second seat attachment. Great idea, and it looked from 12 feet away to be a good quality stroller. If you can tell from that distance.

OK--first off, I was NOT skipping class. I was just in relaxed-teacher mode for a day, which involves lots of group-work, peer-critiques, etc... One of my students actually gets credit for this find. Er, yes, I told my 9th grade students about the downfalls of the local stroller market.

Anyway, I think Phil & Teds make pretty slick strollers--strong competitors in the "urban assault stroller" field--particularly with the "add-a-seat." (Or whatever it's called.

I've been pleased with Phil & Ted's E3 stroller. I had it mailed from an American company and it arrived in a beat up, bent and ripped box, with a couple poles out holes in the box. Aside from a few scuffs, it works like a champ. I'm sold on the front rotating wheel, which makes for easy maneuvering in grocery stores.

I'd like to see the two-wheel stroller side-by-side the E3 to understand its length when tilted during use, and how high off the ground the child sits in stationary mode. Navigating curbs would be interesting. I suppose you would back it over hurdles.

The sun and rain shields should be included in the base price because most people will need them sooner or later.

Hey y'all it's $160.97 - yeah that's AMERICAN Dollars!

I have been looking for reviews all over the web with pretty much no success. I even asked some people living in New Zealand but they could not find anyone who owns or even has seen the Smart Buggy.

I would love to find out a bit more... Help, anyone?

is the smart buggy safe?is it likely to topple over when stopped and child moves around.Need info.

I also am trying to find a review or some more info on this smart buggy. I own the E3 and it is fantatsic, hence why i have returned for another P&T product.
However I tried to get it from shops and told they dont stock it as its unsafe, im yet to confirm as i cant seem to get hold of one to look at myself. (My husband has a theroy that it is unsafe and being reviewed and that is why there is no price or avalibility)

I actually have this stroller for sale.I couldnt resist buying it but I dont really need it because I dont use public transportation so I am reselling. It actually wheels very nicely, and does not tip when it stops. It also balances quite nicely. If you would like to purchase it please post a comment and I will figure out how to get in touch with you.

rachel, i might be interested...i have the e3 and love it which is why i went to p&t looking for a more lightweight stroller...i don't take public transit very much so i'm wondering if this stroller would be ok in other situations? does it have straps on it to be carried like a backpack when the legs are folded down? email me at klbezooyen@yahoo.ca if you can...thanks!

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