February 23, 2005

Now Let's Talk About A Jack Spade Stroller

Congratulations to Andy and Kate Spade, who, after years of pushing baby gear on others, can now push it for themselves. Frances Beatrix Spade was born on Feb. 18.

While they're obviously busy for the next couple of months, I give Andy about eight weeks before he starts asking why he's expected to push around that girly polka-dotted Maclaren stroller his wife made.

Frances Beatrix Spade, 8lbs 4oz. [observer.com, last item]
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I thought you said the Spades were splitting up a while back. I trust you to keep up on all the hip gossip so I can concentrate on being a midwestern wife-and-mother -- help me out here!

Thanks Greg, I stole this for CBB. :D

Chris, they split for awhile last summer-although of course their reps deny it.

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