February 18, 2005

Kandoo? Do Tell

kandoo.jpgI thought the Gawker post about Pampers' new Kandoo the pooing frog was incomprehensible until I visited the site. Then I realized how traumatic a flash animation of a happy frog wiping its butt must be for a carefree, child-free person, and I eased off.

Until Kandoo, you probably couldn't use the words "toilet training" around the Procter & Gamble HQ. Deep in his mind somewhere, I'm sure the Pampers brand manager is concocting a scheme for disposable underwear for people to wear during that unprofitable stage between Pampers and Depends.

Until that happens, Kandoo will work hard "empowering kids to be master bathers all on their own." [??? let me check that quote...]

Flushable buttwipes and foamy soap at KidsKandoo.com
[via Gawker, why exactly??]

[factcheck update: "Kandoo is a line of kids' personal care products that empower children to master the bathroom all on their own." It's definitely the little differences.]

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