February 17, 2005

Kidville Lands in 'Stroller City'

I have no category for this except Parent Company. Kidville has opened on the Upper East Side. The NY Times' verdict: finally, a place to park your stroller!

The real story: finally, a place to park your wife and child. [Or your nanny and child, once your wife's gotten her abs back and headed back to work.]

Instead of the very SoHo House-y buildup, Kidville doesn't sound any more exclusive than the gym. You get a basic membership with registration for any 4-month class, and there are dozens of classes all up and down the age range. [And yes, they're all mommy-this, or caregiver-that. It IS the Upper East Side...]

Obviously, I haven't been yet. But now that I know Kidville was founded by Shari Misher, a publicist with a hilarious cameo in the instant-classic New York Magazine cover story about a new generation of powergirl PR agencies taking over the city, I'm expecting large gift baskets and non-stop calls inviting me and a guest [or two, since the wife might like to come, too.]

Kidville New York
Where Half Caf Meets Double Wide [NYT, via kidvilleny]
Welcome to the Dollhouse [nymag, dec. 7, 1998]


What is this place, like a Chuck E Cheese for the bugaboo crowd?

I have been there, it is overpriced, too small - oversell, teachers are unimpressive. I am trying to pull my kid out of a class now.
We have been to two birthday parties and overall they were unimpressive too.

Not worth the time and or the effort. The place has no soul, just finds way to take your money.

I am sorry to hear about the teachers being unimpressive, but I am not surprised. I interviewed there and was not pleased with the experience, nor was I offered a job despite a Masters Degree in Education from NYU, a BA in Psychology and over fifteen years experience in arts and education. I also create theatre and music for family audiences.

I guess they just weren't looking for experience and heart.
A shame, it's such a great concept .

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