February 17, 2005

BabyDisco: Is It Ever Too Early To Lean How To Pole Dance?

A group of French artists and DJ's created BabyDisco, a realistically decorated, scaled-down disco for children only. 10-12 kids ages 4-6 would be allowed inside to party on their own for an hour.

It was/is? installed in December at the Villa Noailles in Hy╦res, east of Marseilles and Toulon.

According to Xeni's post at BoingBoing, Guillaume Sorge, the guy who did the music [which you can download or buy at Colette], is much cooler than you, by at least six months. And the kid of whoever decided the BabyDisco needed stripper poles is already getting a headstart on a lucrative, glamourous career in hip-hop booty videos.

So now not only will your kid not get into Harvard, she won't even be able to pay her way through state school by pole-dancing.

BabyDisco [d-i-r-t-y.com, via boingboing]

1 Comment

Wow ! ! ! They should franchise these and open one in every city in the world.

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