February 16, 2005

Sodium Polyacrylate: It's Not Just For Diapers Anymore

Sodium polyacrylate is the the superabsorbent polymer (SAP) in disposable diapers, but it has a host of other uses as well (in addition to drying out the leak in my old Mercedes' footwell):

  • Fuel-Dri Tank Dewatering System, available from Hammonds: "MIL-SPEC product, no tank retrofitting required." [You mean Our Troops don't HAVE to shove Pampers into their Humvee gas tanks? Rumsfeld, I oughta take you out to the woodshed.]
  • Flood water jiu-jitsu: Water Gel Bag creates instant pop-up barriers to that are light and easy to place until they start absorbing.
  • Baby Diaper Absorbs Snake Venom: A Reuters story from last summer, where the parents didn't notice the fang marks until that night [!?]
  • Water-retentive pavement, which helps lower road surface temperatures in Japan by more than 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Dries out water-soaked library books in minutes, not hours. Or at least it will.
    From a history of the Illinois bio-ag scientists who invented it--and dubbed it Super Slurper:
  • "a seed coating that accelerates germination by a remarkable thirty percent"
  • "used to coat roots of plants in dry areas"
  • "used inoil filters to remove water from fuels" [see above]
  • wound dressings
  • "Super Slurper added to soil in citrus groves is able to help keep nematodes alive during dry periods."
  • "used as an electrical conductor in batteries and in ice packs."

    Previously: Malcolm Gladwell sniffs around diapers


    Dear Sir:

    We got 50 MT month of super absorbent polymer K-SAM mg 2800 comming from the recycled of post industrial diapers manufacture , we intent to export it have any ideas are you interest,

    Best regards,

    Pedro Sepulveda
    B and B C.I. S.A

    Please call me regarding this product
    cell# 1-609-876-9512

    We use it to make a cleaning gel, and for experiments for the kids.

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