February 15, 2005

MacGyvering With Diapers, Round 2

pampers_cruisers.jpgOur baby has had some pretty embarassing problems with leakage. It's not something we talk about, because really, at her age, what could we do?

Then I found Pampers Cruisers, and our lives have changed. Pampers really came to the rescue. The hi-tech absorbent core holds several times its weight in fluid, and the stay-dry lining keeps moisture away from baby's galvanized body, where, if left untreated, it could cause rust.

Seriously, we are the proud second owners of a great '85 Mercedes 300 CD coupe, which is an awesome car, except for the annoying leak that's been plaguing it since we bought it three years ago. When it rains and the car's at just some angle we can't determine, water trickles in from somewhere and pools in the rear passenger footwell. It's a classic problem with this classic car, and it's the reason we have a bale of car wash towels in the trunk.

Well, last night, in the rain, when I was too lazy to take the new case of Pampers from Costco inside, I yanked out a couple of them, and butterflied them out business side down on the rear floor. This afternoon, they were plumped up like two giant pillows, and the floor was nice and dry. I am so loving these things.

Holy smokes, you can buy Pampers at Amazon? [amazon.com]


'crunching granola loudly'
*crunch* *crunch*

I just don't understand why people use disposables in this day and age of such high tech cloth alternatives. I mean, cloth diapers have undergone such a metamorphosis since what 'we' remember. Now they are fitted, very cute and environmentally safe and sound. Cute patterns, heck, even my husband doesn't mind them. He calls them soft lego, becuase there are so many snaps and bits and bobs! Of course, when they are particularly olfactorily challenging, the heavy guns get called in, namely me......now...if only I could find my other birkenstock!

I'm thinking that while cruisers might help with the leaks, they're a way-more expensive alternative to installing the right sized diaper properly. That means ruffles out on the legs, and flop the baby from side to side to make sure you've got an almost tourniquet-tight pelvic seal on the velcro. With my 3 girls, I've not had a problem with leaks, and I buy the cheapest storebrands possible, and even make my own wipes.

And no, that's not the sound of crunching granola you hear, it's the squeak of my purse reluctantly opening to fund the 8 million or so projected diapers I'm going to go through with the twins.

We started with cloth diapers (and now are just paying $5/week to be "on hold"), but our daughter developed a yeast infection problem, which we still have not conquered %100, so she is back on disposable for a while.

We use Seventh Generation chlorine-free diapers. They fit very well, are super-absorbant, have no silly pictures (they are just tan everywhere).

Before that, we used Cruisers, and we thought they were the best at the time.

I highly recommend (if you cannot do cloth - now I am just waiting for someone to say that parents should be EXPECTED to use cloth diapers) the 7th generation, though.

Kaz, I once "lost" my kid in the sand pit at the playground because of those diapers. He's very pale, and he was wearing a 7th gen diaper, and he blended in with the sand completely, and I freaked out and thought he'd been kidnapped. It was not my best parenting moment.

Moxie, I almost peed myself with laughter.

My husband is really big on all this Camoflage at babygap. Pants, jackets etc.
Well, if I don't always lose sight of the blasted little guy and then absolutely, convulsively flip out! The other day he was lying in grass right behind me, in the dappled shade of the tree, and I was calling madly while he giggled sinisterly!

Parents should be EXPECTED to use cloth diapers.


Not only can you buy diapers from Amazon, it's actually cheaper than the store! (Free shipping baby.)

Ordered Pampers from Amazon. Free shipping, or
an extra $20 for "expedited". Chose the free option.
Diapers didn't leave
the warehouse for 2 weeks, and took another week to arrive.
On analysis, the Costco boxes have more diapers for the same price, and although you have to schlep, you don't have to plan. And Costco/Kirkland wipes are the best, so I'm going there anyway.

I can't believe you are just discovering Cruisers... They are definitely the best.

We usually order them from YourGrocer.com along with the Huggies Wipes. Since we don't have a car YG is a great way to get bulk items delivered.

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