February 14, 2005

Formative Childhood Memories on Metafilter

Gee, no pressure. Where to start on this Ask Metafilter thread about people's formative childhood memories or experiences? It shouldn't be surprising but a lot of the comments people are making involve something their parents did, for better and for worse:

black8: When I was seven, my father bought me a turntable and allowed me access to his record collection. 30 years and thousands of dollars in gear and recordings later, music is my passion.

johnj: ...during 6th grade, I was punched by a bully. I did not fight back because violence is wrong. I told my dad about it, proud that I took the high road, proud that I had a mature revelation about violence and the importance of alternative resolution methods. He thought I was being childish\stupid and he berated me for it.

From that day on, I have known that when it comes to paternal guidance and fatherly support, I am completely on my own. I was only 10 but I remember that day because it was the day I "lost" my father.

Formative childhood experiences? [ask metafilter, via waxy]

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After I got beat up badly one time by this nut in high school my dad said to me "It only seems like cheating when you are lying on your back in a puddle of your own p*** and blood". It was a heart warming moment, second only to our sex talk "Don't you go and get some girl pregnant, or I'll kill you."

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