February 11, 2005

You Gotta Fight. For Your Right. To...Stay Up All Night Rocking A Baby To Sleep

This one comes via Rebeldad, who has highlighted some potential bureaucratic whittling away at the Family Medical Leave Act, the only federal law which provides dads with job protection if they take time off--unpaid time off, even [cue Euro and Canadian laughter]--to care for a new baby or a sick family member.

I've steered clear of discussing leave and the FMLA, partly because my boss is a slavedriver who'd fire me in a second for the slightest provocation, if he could--I'm self-employed--but I encourage everyone with a job--or who's related to someone with a job--to read Russ's account of unexpectedly needing to take a month's leave when his son was five months old. It's some eye-opening stuff.

Family First
[daily yak]
Raising the red flag over FMLA [rebeldad]
Meanwhile, Elizabeth at half-changed world has an FMLA to-do list [half-changed world]


Another shining example of compassionate conservativism.

I no longer laugh. I shake my head in sadness and amazement.

People ought not have to risk their jobs and livlihoods to care for their families, especially newborn children. The kids really are our future, it just makes common sense to make their care a priority, IMHO.

BTW - Thanks for the link - I think you doubled my traffic last week!


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