February 11, 2005

Find The Dummy In This Picture

According to Sarah's comment on the Seimi Dummy Stand, they're ALL called dummy stands.

This example, from Monkey Business, is called a Baby Face Pacifier Holder, though, at least on TinyTantrums.com. Probably because the parents of the stunned-looking kid in the picture threatened to sue.

The MBBFPH is cute enough, and the Baby Face thing, with the wide-open mouth, I get just fine. But I have to ask: what part of Baby is that other pacifier supposed to be hanging off of?

Monkey Business Baby Face Pacifier Holder, $6.50 at Tiny Tantrums [tinytantrums.com, nsfw?]


It's hanging off his hands (actually, I think he's praying). I had to go find the packaging because I remembered that the tagline was slightly nuts: "Lost your dummy? Don't call Mummy! Come to me!"

I'll stick with the little "plug" holder that comes with the Advents plugs. And BTW, that site is anti-dad. Maybe I'm too sensitive. Maybe I'm running on 15 hours of sleep in the three weeks since the boy was born. Maybe they could have used "parents" instead of "moms" as a category heading. Yup, I'm being too sensitive. I think I'm going to sit in the corner and cry.

Ah. So those are wings, not outstretched hands? That's a huge relief.

As for you, MD, you're right. The site is moms-only when it could just as easily be for parents, and you ARE too sensitive. But given the circumstances, don't sweat it.

Both Fine Finnish furniture and the fight for involved parents'll be here when the kid's sleeping through the night.

MD, be glad they left you dads out. If anyone tried to give me "Mom's Belly Jelly" I'd punch them. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking (our daughter is about to hit the 6-week mark)...no, I'd definitely punch them.

my store also sells the Monkey Business pacifier holder and it's a hot seller for us (one of these days, you'll have to give us a plug, we sell online now too!)

anyways, the part we like the best about it is that the white parts sort of glow in the dark a little, making it easy to find said pacifier in the middle of the night.

Avent sells night pacifiers that glow, I would love one, but they seem to glow a bit too much. I basically take both pacifiers into the bedroom at night and put one on his dresser, that way when he spits/knocks/throws the first one to god knows where and freaks I know where one is.

Am I missing something? How do the pacifiers get back onto that holder in the middle of the night when they fall out of the kid's mouth? Is there asome sort of megnet thing goign on? Or are you supposed to train your dog to find the pacifier and then replace it on the wings?


The twins, fortunately, don't use suckers (say it with a redneck twang, it's what we call dummies here in thuh South). However, our now-4 year old was addicted like the were made out of vacuum-molded meth.

The solution? No cute "holder" for us -- just buy a few dozen at a time, spread them in the crib like fairy dust, and if one falls out of her mouth in the middle of the night, there's 8 more in easy reaching distance. Yes, her crib might have been a lumpy sleeping experience, but at least we didn't have to get up to cram one back in.

You portion the rest out like I spread chapstick and mah baby daddy spreads those little cylinders of Advil - coat pockets, glove box, 3 in your purse, etc. etc.

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